Check regularly, certainly after 14 days after the initial installation, if all parts are secure and not damaged. Pay special attention to the handle bar, the wheel and the seat.


We recommend a pressure of approximately 30 psi (2.0 bar). If you do not have a gauge this is a tension when you can press in the tyre a bit with your thumb. Do not overinflate the tire and risk a blowout! Max pressure is 35 psi.

Check the tyres and wheels for damage and correct tyre pressure regularly.


Protect the wood of the Trybike Wood with furniture polish, car wax or beeswax and it remains even longer nice.


Clean Trybike only when needed and only use mild car detergent, warm water and a soft cloth. Afterwards protect the wood with beeswax.


Lubricate the axles and the bearings of wheels with normal bicycle oil.


Store the Trybike in a warm, dry and ventilated area, and certainly not outside or in a humid place.