Specifications Trybike wood

starting as early as 12 months up to 6 years
Seat height:
seat adjustable from 27 cm to 50 cm, both the lowest and highest wooden balance bike in one
5.5 kg as a tricycle 4.1 kg as a bicycle
feet (handbrakes don’t work at these ages)
12 inch spoked steel wheels with nylon bushings, sealed smooth cartridge ball bearings and extra wide rubber inflatable tyres
durable weatherproof marine birch plywood
Turning circle:
unique small turning radius for use in small spaces
natural wood and black grips with either a brown seat cover brown chin guard or pink seat coverpink chin guard.
Smart features:
* easy exchangeable seat cover and chin guard so the next child can choose a different colour. (colours are optional)
* practical bag for extra parts comes standard with every bike
* seat with convenient hole for a light, a trailer or a safety cord
* seat that tilts backwards so rider position remains perfect
* easy to assemble or convert
2 years
Recommended retail price:
€ 169,95
Safety standards:
complies with European EN-71,CE and Australian/ New Zealand AS/NZS ISO 8124 safety standards