TIPS trybike steel


Tip 1

Regularly check that all parts are secure and undamaged. In particular, the seat , handle bar and the wheel bolts.

Tip 2

The Trybike Steel is not suitable for storing outside, therefore our advice is: play outside and store inside.

Tip 3

Save the Trybike for your next child or pass it on to another child. This makes it truly sustainable.

Tip 4

In case your child is big, small or very skillful use the control disc in order to create the perfect Trybike setting for all levels and skills of your child.

Tip 5

The Trybike is the best balance bike for children with a disability or a less developed sense of balance.

Tip 6

No more training wheels for a pedal bike!
The step following the Trybike is learning how to ride a pedal bike. Without training wheels since your child will not need those when it started with a Trybike.